Which country? (Do this homework by Friday week 43)

Which country? Tell us some facts about a country (don´t write the name of the country), and let all of us guess which country it is! 🙂

For example: This country is the fifth largest in Europe, which one is it?

For example: In this country they have a long coastline, the ocean outside is the Adriatic sea, this country is just South of Slovenia, which country is it?

For example: The name of the capital in this country is Berlin, which country is it?

Good luck!

Looking forward reading your comments!


In Other Words! (Do this homework by Monday week 42)

Sometimes you don´t know the word in English but often you can try and explain what you mean in other words.

Example: duntäcke (duvet): It´s something you have in your bed. You put it over yourself when you sleep. It keeps you warm. It is filled with feathers.

Example: It´s something you wear. They are often blue, you have them on your legs…

Example: It´s a country, second largest in Europe…

Now you choose a word of your own, explain it without telling the rest of us which one it is. Let us guess!

Good luck!


PS. Undrar du något om denna läxa, tveka inte att fråga mig i skolan eller via mail viveka.kleberg@haninge.se

Geography (Do this homework by Monday week 41)

Currently we are learning about, the geography of Europe.

I want you to write about some information about a country, you choose which country (you can choose the same country as another classmate, no problem).

  1. The name of the country
  2. Capital
  3. Population
  4. Highest mountain/largest lake/longest river (choose or do them all three)
  5. Surprise me! Tell us something odd about this country. Anything!

Good luck!

Looking foraward reading your comments 😉

/Vivi – English Teacher