We are going to start a new chapter in school and it is about accidents.

Write about an accident of any kind, small or big. It could have happened to you or somebody else in your family.

Do this homework by Monday week 11.



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  1. There was a time when the little Åsa was 4 years old. When she was at the dentist in Thailand and would explore my tooth. Then Åsa got little panicked and kicked the dentist in face-skyddgrejen.. Late all lived happy (except dentist) ever after! Åsa did not tooth cooked 🙁

  2. When i was one years old I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom With my dad and brush my teeth and then i fell backwards on the stone floor and hit my head really hard my mom have to call the doctor and i was so so sad!

  3. My accident was wen I was in year 1/1:an.
    It was summer holiday and i say on the back bench and why we’ll my friend was balance/Balanserade on the back and I fell backwards and hit me on the neck but i was fine but i had to be home for least 2 😄days….
    It’s long but I do not care much😐😣

    • And my other accident was on my birthday 🙁 wen i was 7…. my dad made me soup and i spilled on my self and burned my arm but my mum took of my coatee but it was stil burned and i had to have bandage for a long time 🙁

  4. I rode in a meadowe and my mother walk with me, she was 50-100 m away, i rode and the horse started to bow (=bocka) and then the horse strated to gallop. There were three elks. the horse started to flee mother but they refused and galloperade right out of the meadow and check several Times’ but i remained seated. Then I flew off by and I injured head and arm . And My medryttar horse galloperade to the moose and then she ran up to the stables . I still have pain in My arm when i do
    saddle-girth 🐴🐴🐴🐴

  5. My accident Was when i cycled with my Class (3A) and (3B) to rudan it Was planned.We cycled and cycled,we stay on a place i don’t Was place it Was,but right now i Was not really properly.I cycled quite fast i trying to brake BUT IT WAS TOO LATE …and i crashed into a bicycle path (For real BICYCLE PATH).I felt very bad on my head feel very dizzy,my knee bled and my skin havining wounds, i fell on the back where There are rocks,it really Hurt .And i now my mom is gonna not like the accident because my clothes Was very dirty.The teachers helpme up,we Came to rudan the Class 3a and 3b put on their swimsuit and jumping into the water and have fun.When i sit on a place and suffer the pain and sorrow,crying not my lycky Day. 🤕😣😭😢😵😳👎🖓🚲🚫

  6. Last week I ran in my home. My big brother’s friend chased me and I ran into my wardrobe’s door. And today I crashed with the shoe rack in my home. My toe is swollen and it hurts too much.

  7. i Think it was 8 years ago.i was Three years old and lived in a day my daddy Went to the balcony and smoked.when i was 3 years old,i was exactly so tall that i could reach the balcony when my dad smoked outside,by an accident i closed the door and l locked out him outdoors somehow.and then when he was done,he screamed:let me in!but i didint understand him then so i just stood there and laugh!and my mom couldnt open the door beacuse she was at work.luckly my dad had his phone at his pocket so he called my grandmom to open the door!aaah i will never forget that story!

  8. When i was 4 Tears old i Broken My foot in kinder garden I run and then i fell with My foot in a very big rock

    How do you have it in school

    I have it very nice

  9. When I was in Australia I was swimming in the water on a beach. I had a bodyboard. At one time I had to put my feet down on the sand, and I put my foot unfortunately, on a stingray. Aaooo! It hurt! I got stung by its tail, they have a stinger on its tail.
    I had to go to the hospital, my foot was very swollen. At the hospital I got medicin and then I was fine. Puh!
    I still got a scar.

  10. So….The story Begins at our last house we had a BIG Glass shower and i took a shower 🙂 but…. The Problem was dag The shower was a little broken And…..The shower broke and all glass comeback at me and i was bleding a lot i mean A LOT And yeah dats My story

  11. A few months ago, i would jump to My favorite pony cosmos and then we would gallop over the obstacle and in the air as he tripped as i flew off

  12. When I was little, I stood on a chair with a glass in hand then I fell so I cut up vein mom and dad was worried dad was when he was on work raid that he had lost me forever

  13. I jumped in a pool and landed wrong and I landed right flat on My foot. And I sprained My foot. And I got a bruise on My heel.⚠️🌀‼️⁉️🌀💢 😨😧😓😖😫😶🤕😬🙁😣☹️😥🗣😱🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  14. One Time when i was younger i fell from My changing table in the bathroom i fell forwards and landed on the head🤕 I had to go to the doctor. My head did hurt so much.

  15. I was 4years old and i going With my day-care then i run and i run and then fall on My head and a start to bleed and the thetshird came and then then titsherd call My dad My father took me to the docktor and the docktor he fixed my head and i cryed.

  16. When I was on the cheerleading, I would make a stuffed toy at the end of training.when I came halfway sounded kink in my lap and I got a little panicked, my coach came and ask what had happened and I told my dad came it.Once we had to go to the emergency room, they said that we would go to the Karolinska hospital where we got to wait. After a while I got medicine and would go to x-ray where we had to wait a long time and watch tv.When we came in to x-ray it was hard to put me on the bed after I was sitting in a wheelchair and had a really sore knee.When x-ray was ready so we had to go back to the waiting room, after a while they said it was not needed an operation and that we would wait until a nurse came. When she came so I got crutches and she wrapped my knee.When I finally got home, it was half past one at night.

    • And My mom called the ambulance and my dad came home From the job and after that came the ambulance My mum and dad jumped also in the ambulance And soon we everybody in the ambulance drive to the hospital then everything turned out well

  17. When i and My class go by bus to andys Lekland then we played thief and police the girls against the boys then i hunting one of the boys up the stairs but i run too fast so i fell and hurt Myself so bad in a post so i broke My finger. And soon Gardenia borrowed her andys leklands Teddy to me. After that Viveka Wanted to call My mum, but i Dont Wanted to call my mum so i go to My friends and play again. But soon Viveka called mum anyway. But soon i hurt the same finger and i Began crying but after we went to shool. And When i went home asked My mum Whats had happening and my mum and dad looked at My hand and Said ”we most drive you to the hospital”.after that we jumped in the car and drived to the hospital and the doctor Said you most have this bandage in two weeks. And soon everything turned out well.

  18. When I was 10 years old and I go by car to my granpa when I going to the trampolin and I wheels up and I sitt onthe trampolin when I screamed because it hurt so so much in my arm. And I go by car to my mum and my dad. We went to the hospital and my arm was broken. And I go plaster on my arm. And late surgery on my arm.

  19. My accident happend when i was 10 years on the first day of school after the summer holiday. I ran to the lunchroom but then i tripped on something and fell and did a somersault and start crying becuse my knee hurt so much and one of my friends run and get the nurse. The nurse and i walked to her office and when we get there she checked on my wound and take care of it and a few weeks later she checked if my wound looked great and it did so thats what happend end.

  20. It was on a winter 3 years ago when I was on a climbing frame. I fell and hit my forehead on the ice. It took over a week for the swelling would heal and I still got a scar

  21. When l was 9 years old, l had a car accident with my family. A taxi car hit us from behind. We went to the hospital to look if anyone was hurt. Thank God everyone was okey.

  22. When I was 3 years old I balanced on the edge of the sofa, then I fall down with my head first and I fall on the computer chair so bad that I got a hole in the lower lip and know i have a scarr 😞☹️ I have 2 story’s but I don’t know if I can tell them?

  23. Last year when we had the Class party i eat a cookie, what i Did not know was that there were nuts in the cookie! (I’m allergic to nuts) so after a few minutes i Started to feel bad , i said to one of the parents that i felt bad and that i wanted to go Home and the good thing was that my dad and brother was out there whit the car so we went Home and i Could breath so my brother did call the ambulance and they came and they took me to the hospital, i was in the hospital in 5-7 hours! After that the doctor Said that i Can went back Home! Now i Always have a allargic syringe whit me every where i go.

  24. When i was Younger like 6 years old
    I were upstairs with Moa and her
    Friend Vanna,we skipping jumped and when it was my turn I fell right into a Chest edge and I got a jack in the middle in my head and a Bump
    And when I Got to preschool
    Everyone looked at me(|)

  25. When i was in australia at the AirPort on our way to Sydney i was a little bit infront of my parents. They had told me that we are going down the escalators. I started go down and then my parents say wait come back. Then i got stressed and turned around and tried to go up the escalators going down. Then i fell down with my knee on the edge and start bleeding a lot. My parents ran down to me. We get a patch from someone who worked at the AirPort.

  26. When i was in kindergarden i was playing with my friends then i slipped on ice and hurt my nose.Then i went to the hospital and everything was okay.

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