April Fools Day! Do this homework by Monday week 16

Have you Ever been fooled on April Fools Day?

Here are some favourite jokes:

The Island Öland has broken loose and is now floating towards the swedish coastline.

Do you want Color-TV? Put a nylon stocking over your tv. (Long time ago, when the tv-programmes were only in black and white)

Ronaldo was ready to play for AIK!

Spagetti grows from trees.


Tell us about If you got fooled on April the First.

/Vivi  🙂

29 reaktion på “April Fools Day! Do this homework by Monday week 16

  1. I was fooled on April the first this year, my son said it was an elk on the fotball field and I believed him….

  2. i was joke with my mom i told her and she answer why what happened and i told her APRIL APRIL ahahh and she said ok


  3. I did not get foold and i did not fool anyone because it was just Malin trying to fool me but it did not work lol

  4. In third grade, Jennifer and Ylva foold both 2a and 3a by saying they were about to switch classes with each other and when Ylva left some minutes later, everyone in 3a hid themselves and them Jennifer came in and saw an empy classrom, then everyone jumped out of their hiding places and said ”April April” to Jennifer, I think.

  5. My mom’s friends said to my mom that she was in Paris but she was not in Paris and she said APRIL APRIL

  6. I didn`t fool anybody. But when we (my cousins and me) were skiing my cousin said that the lift was about to close because of avalanche danger, and i believed it…

  7. It´s not that fun, but when i was about 7years old my father fooled me the ice Cream truck was outside. It wasn´t there.

  8. my April joke was that I told my sister that there was smoke from the floor with a serious voice she came to look at me seriously and then I told it was a April joke

  9. My family would help my aunt to move and then I took a picture on the cartons and sent to my friend and write that we moving

  10. My grandma fooled me and called me and Said that she and my grandpa where going to Barcelona in a short while
    And i agreed and thought it would be fun for them and then she till me it was April Fools


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