Do you Think there is Life on other planets? (Do this homework by Monday week 50)

Currently we are reading a text about a spacetrip to the moon.

Do you think there is life on the moon, or other planets? Describe what kind of life it may be and describe how they look like).

Looking forward Reading your comments!

Good luck with your homework, ask me if you have any questions.


27 reaktion på “Do you Think there is Life on other planets? (Do this homework by Monday week 50)

  1. I think it exist life in space on other planet but not in out galaxy Milky way
    I think the life is like just particles that live like the first living thing on earth

  2. I think there are lives on other planets or galaxies, But do not type people but maybe ”crawl” or small spots with life hheheh or just some particles (:

  3. i Think there is Life on other planets,far,far away.but i also Think we could never reach them beacuse its to far.i Think the aliens would have a big head,green skin and black Eyes.they would also be very tall.

  4. I think there is life in a nother universe but not in our universe.
    Mabye in the moon?… not sure.
    I think the ”planet” will look like earth but more gray and bluerish….
    Honestly i don´t know!
    Mabye there will be other creachers in the planet.

  5. I think is a life in the black holes but not on a planet.
    Maybe on mars?
    The life in the universe i think is like UFO?😂

  6. Mabye tiny tiny things live in our galaxy and maby its more animal like things live in other galaxys but not close to our galaxy, who knows, the universe is really big.

  7. I think there is actually life in the universe in fact there’s a planet just like Earth but very very far away. The only thing that can reach this planet is satelites. So it’s possible that life exist’s in the universe.

  8. I do not think there is life on other planets but there may be bacteria or something very little on another planet. why I do not think that finding life is because it must have oxygen and I do not think there is oxygen on another planet.


  9. No i don’t think there’s life on planet because i don’t think it is oxygen in others planet.becuause with out oxygen can animals and people , plants can’t live. (Jag tror jag gjorde rätt)/werro💖


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