In Other Words! (Do this homework by Monday week 42)

Sometimes you don´t know the word in English but often you can try and explain what you mean in other words.

Example: duntäcke (duvet): It´s something you have in your bed. You put it over yourself when you sleep. It keeps you warm. It is filled with feathers.

Example: It´s something you wear. They are often blue, you have them on your legs…

Example: It´s a country, second largest in Europe…

Now you choose a word of your own, explain it without telling the rest of us which one it is. Let us guess!

Good luck!


PS. Undrar du något om denna läxa, tveka inte att fråga mig i skolan eller via mail

51 reaktion på “In Other Words! (Do this homework by Monday week 42)

  1. Hmmmm okey It’s green it’s very slog IT has 4 legs and IT can swim


    Dont kill My brother

  2. it has cannons on both sides,a couple of sails and a Wheel.some of them has figuers in the very has gold and rom in the storage.

  3. It’s something that we use every day and we are afflicted to that thing 😝 and it can be big or small but it can have a button or not☺


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