Me as a Superheroe/Superheroine (Do this homework by Monday week 40)

If you were a superheroe/superheroine, what would you look like? Describe your costume. Does it have any cool accesories like a laser gun, a bulletproof shield or flying abilities?

And what would your superpowers be?

Good luck!

Looking forward reading about your superheroes and superheroines!


(Dont be shy to ask if you have any questions about this homework.)

34 reaktion på “Me as a Superheroe/Superheroine (Do this homework by Monday week 40)

  1. I would look like the catwoman she has catears and catclow she has black mask wonderfol catsuet and blackshoes, whip she is cool 🐺🐺🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐺🐺🐱🐱🐺🐱🐺🐱🐺🐱🐺🐱🐱

  2. I would look like the superman he have a blue cape blue mask and a the cape and a mask have a little mask and the superman have a pointed ears.😊😀

  3. if i were a superheroine i would have a light gray suit and silver accessories and a white cape and i would have wings and my power would be to be invisible little bit like super girl i guess…… :p

  4. If I were a superheroin would I have a black cape, a black mask and have a yellow shirt with something cool on. My superpower would be to fly and be invisible🦇

  5. If i was A superhero i would wear A black mask, black cape, black pants, black shirt and black shoes. My sperpower would be fly and spring fast. 🇩🇴🇩🇴🔥

  6. if i was a super hero i would have an black helm,black torso,black leggings,black shoes,my super Power would be to mind controll.

  7. If I were a superheroine i would have a brown/green/grey/white suit with a hood with cat/wolf ears so i can hear super good and the suit has eagle wings to so i can fly, I would also have a mask and it would make me see super good. And my powers would be to understand and talk wih all animals, allways land on my feet like a cat, fly and run super fast and become any animal I want.

  8. If I were superhero I would be super fast and have super thinking power and I would wear red t-shirts, black pants, black cape with red and black shoes.


  9. my super hero is called mi and has fast paed Power, and is so fast she can go to sea. She is a vampire princess she has black clothes is a god vampire is best friend. her neme is Mio

  10. If i were a superhero i would i have a black cape,white shirt,black pants and white shoes and my superpower would be that I could fly and be invisible💫

  11. If I were a super hero, I would have gold shoes, black pants, gold cape, black shirt, golden eyes and brown hair. I would have all the super powers in the world.

  12. If I were a super hero, I would have brown hair, brown eyes, Adidas shoes, addidas stripes on my cape, black shirt and a silvery diadem. My super powers would be fast and transparent.


  13. If I where a super hero i would like to have a black cape a white shirt, black pants and white shoes. I would have Gold, silver and Pink accessoars. My super powers would be: Reading minds, fly, be invisible and be super fast!

  14. If i where a superhero i would have a blue cape, blue mask,black pants,black shoes and a blue tshirt. I would have all the super power in the world.

  15. if i were a super hero i would like have red and black cape blue shirt, white pants and black shoes. My super power would be fly.

  16. If i was a superhero i would have a custome that are look like flash.
    And i would have super speed, flying abilties and the power to be invisible. 😊🤓😎🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴

  17. i want to be a antman but a antgirl in a zebra suit, white cape and a black mask.
    i wanna fly, become small like an ant, grow big like a mountain and save those who needs help.


  18. If i was a superheroin i would were a black dress and a black mask with silver details on and my super power Would be fly 👗

  19. I would have a black sweater and black pants and I would have a cute and cool mask to be black and my super power should be climbing the walls

  20. If i where a superheroin i would be like the flash. The flash has a red whole body suit with a lightning bolt on his chest. The flash is really Barry Allen his mom was murderd when he was 11 years old and everyvone thought it was his dad but of corse it wasent. Barry has superspeed he can run on water and he can also rus upside a sky skrape he can travel in time he can throw lightning and he can catch bullets when they fire them. He is awsome and that’s why i chose the flash.

  21. If I was a superhero, I would probably look like a female cat.My suit would be of black leather cloth.I would have a powerful iron claws.аnd there would be different little cold weapons.I would be supple,ultrafast,I would have seen in the dark and I would have 9 lives

  22. my superhero would have a black jacket black pants and a black jacket a black mask two hand guns and a force that makes him look very good’


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