Our film-Project! (Do this blog by week 18)

What was good about the film-Project?

What did you learn? Give some examples.

What could be done better for the next Group? (year 4 and year 5)

Looking forward Reading your comments!

/Vivi, Micael and Ali. 🙂 🙂 🙂

12 reaktion på “Our film-Project! (Do this blog by week 18)

  1. You should let them pick who they want too be with cause i think it would be funnier and they will do better jobs.
    I learnd about angles. And the good thing was that it was no common lessons.

  2. It was okey but I really wanted to choose my partner’s because it would make things more fun and you will feel more comfortable and maybe more confidence. I did not really learn something but I guess the fun was after, when you would pick new partners and make a new film that was more fun.

  3. I think it would been better if you were able to choose partner/group from the begining
    But i still tought it was finns and you learned how to film and the different picture styles:)

  4. It was fun because it was not a normal leasson and it´s fun to make a movie.

    It would have been more fun if we could choose group and what we would do a movie about from the beginning, instead of in the end of the project and some people did not choose at all because they did not have time.

    I learned the different picture styles.

  5. It was good because we got to learn eachother better. I learned to listen to other better. The other groups could be a little bit calmer because it was very loud🎥🎬

  6. It was fun,what I learned was to work better together my exempel is have much patience💫

  7. The film projekt was good because it was funny to do.I learned the three things you would say before you film.I could say that the next group must be able to work together and that you have to be patient!

  8. It was fun.
    I learned to film diffrent angles.
    It could have been better if you got to choose groups to film

  9. I think it was fun, but it would be more fun if we got to choose our own groups.

    I learned about movie angels and the three words to say before you start filming.


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