Physical training! (Do this homework by Monday week 11)

  1. Why does your body need physical training?
  2. What happens to your body if you dont excersise?
  3. What kind of physical training do you like to do?

Looking forward Reading your comments!

/Vivi and Marco

22 reaktion på “Physical training! (Do this homework by Monday week 11)

  1. Our body needed excersise in order to if we do not so do our bodies not good.
    If i do not exersise i feels very bad.
    Everything possible.
    // Ilana

  2. 1:beacuse then your body fitness level increases.also you avoid Health problems.
    2:if you dont exercise you will lose your fitness.
    3:i work out on gym

  3. 1 The body burns fat and keep you healthy. It also trains your lungs and heart.
    2 The body will gather fat that doesnt get lose and your lungs and heart will slowley get weaker.
    3 In the summer i go out and jogg and ride bicycle. I also have phys with my hockey team.

  4. 1. Because you get fitter and you get healthy
    2. Your body will be weaker and its hard for your heart to pump the blood.
    3. In the summer i jogg whit my friends and play outside sports.

  5. 1 Your body need physical training so it can stay healthy.
    2 If you dont excersise your body gets sick.
    3 I like to go on walks and bicycle.

  6. 1. Because you need to keep fit and your body feels better when you do physical training.
    2. If you aren’t training your life could get shorter. And your body feels bad.
    3. I train soccer in my team. Before I used to go dancing🤙

  7. 1.because you feel better off it and you get better stamina don’t feel so good, your body needs physical training and if you don’t go training Your life could get shorter.

    3.right now I’m going on football and before i going on dance,swimming and floorball⚽️

  8. Because you get better stamina and you burn calories

    You can have shorter life and be over weight

    Cheerleading and jogging

  9. – we need physical exercise to feel good and get good fitness

    – if you do not train you feel bad and sick and gain weight a.k.a may be bad

    – dance, soccer and running

  10. 1. It’s fun and you get a better body.
    2. You get no muscle and you have nothing to do in your spare time.
    3. Ride my horse🐴

  11. 1.Your body get stronger and you get a better fitness (kondition) and you brun extra fat in you body to keep it healthy. get a worse fitness and you can’t burn the extra fat in your body that your body need to burn. And the risk is that you get a shorter life.
    3.Power walk to school every day.Play different sports like bedmington,Basket or just jogg every morning in the weekends or when you can.

  12. 1. Because you get fitter and you get healthy

    2:if you dont exercise you will lose your fitness

    3.I like to play basketball

  13. 1:because you get fitter and you get healthy

    2:if you dont train your body can feels bad and you get fat

    3:Dance and football

  14. 1: your body needs exercise to stay healthy and avoid heart problems
    2: you will get fat and get sick easier
    3: horseback riding, walk, dancing
    /Ebba b

  15. 1: Your body needs training to stay healty. 2: Your immune system gets weaker. 3: I do phys trainings with my floorballteam.

  16. 1. your body feels good when you exercise. 2. your body can feel bad.
    3. right now i am training football but before i was going on dance.

  17. 1. Whe need to be healthy so se dont be slow or die of overweight.

    1. If you dont train you will be overweight and unhealthy.

    1. I like to train bjj and real wrestling.

  18. 1. Because IF you dont train your body Will not feel so good.
    2. I think that your body Will be stronger.
    3. I play fotboll and i run

  19. 1 Because you have to move to grow
    2 You do not grow and you get fat
    3 I like sports athletics and ridning💖💫


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