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  1. I live in the woods i mean it LOL
    i live with my two annoying big sister one is 16 and one is 14 uuuhg and my mom and dad of course
    i play hockey like 5 days a week and i do horsebackriding also:D
    i got 2 dogs Nisse 8 and Benny 3 i think…
    we live in a villa a red one between jordbro and hudding but they say we live in jordbro
    we live next to a big lake(2,5km)so we4 can just bycicle and bathe there in the sumemr adn walk and skate in the winter…

    god what this is long…..

  2. i live in a street is called Blockstensvägen and the nummer i live in is 102 and i live in the first floor.
    i live close to Asrar and Klaudia i think im not to sure but we can say that.
    In my sparetime i will usually watch some films or youtube or some time Anime or just draw and i will do my homework too.
    I am a aunt to four boys😒 that are my half sister´s children and my oldest sister has three sons and my other sister have one son, just so you know😊

  3. My name is Miranda I am twelve years I want to become a milionaire and buy a manor and stop war in the world and my favorite color is red and one of my favored rows is Tacos

  4. I live with Brother, Mom and my dad. We live in an apartment in Haninge. we had 2 gold fish with them though (because I gave them too much food). And I like the color purple. on saturdays my family has a (family day) as we always do something in kind (eat food outdoors or do we do anything everyone likes in the family)😃❤️😂

  5. My name is Isabell Tess Henriette Warebring. I live with my mom at Sommarbo really close to Tindra and Vilma.
    On my sparetime I like to read, play with Lego, play sims 4, minecraft and other games.
    I had 8 pets in total 6 cats and 2 rabbits. The rabbits died and the cats neded to move home because mom became allergic. The rabbits names was Smultron and Sötnos.The cats names was Klarafina, Oskar, Zoega, Safir, Saga and Smilla.
    I miss them so much especially Saga. Klarafina might be dead because she was very old.

  6. Hi, my name is Ruqaia. I live in jordbro. I have three sisters and I am the youngest sibling and i live with my mom and dad. We are six people in my family. My favourite color is green and blue. In my spare time I usually ride a bike and sometimes I sleep. I live very close my school and my aunt, my aunt live in sommarbo. It takes about three minutes from my house to my school.

  7. hi! i live in a yellow house with my grandmother and grandfather.on my sparetime,i usually play video games on my Xbox or computer.sometimes i also play fotboll with my friends.the special thing about my family is that we Always eat snacks and Watch Movies on friday.i prefer pringels 🙂 (NOT SPONSERING)

  8. I live quite close to school.
    I have two siblings if you did not know, a sister and a brother (:
    I have had very many animals in my life, such as a squirrel!
    My family is very .. how to say .. difficult. Anyway i like to be with my friends in my spare time and i love to have fun 😀

  9. Hi my name is Helin.I live with my mom,dad and my sister.we live in a apartment in jordbro.in my sparetime,i like to be with my friends and my family,play fotboll and play minecraft.my family like to do anything together.

  10. Hello evrywonne its me max!:) I live with My Mom,dad and my sister in a grey house in jordbro. In my spelaretime do i like to cyckling moutinbike and play fotball with my friends.
    One special thing we do in my famliy is that we swim in my pool and sauna on weekends!

    I hope that everyone has it Good in the school! //Max!

  11. I live with my brother, mom, dad, fish and rabbits. We live in Jordbro on Norra läget 7. In my spare time, I practice cheerleading six hours a week.My favorite colors are black, turquoise, pink and blue.My favorite seasons are winter and summer.

  12. I live in jordbro with my little sister and my two brothers and my mom and dad,I like to play football whit my friends on my spare time⚽️👍

  13. I live in västerhaninge near Jordbro. My parents are separated so I live with them byweekly🙂 in my dads family I have a little sister who is almost three years old , my stepmother and my dad🙃 with my mother, we live with my older brother, and my mother of course. In my spare time I like to be with friends and play football/soccer⚽️👍

  14. I live in jordbro with my mom,my brother and my mom s boy friend.
    On my spare time i am in the stable every day with my horse

  15. I live in jordbro with My mom,dad and My Two Little sisters in My sparetime i like to play football with My friends❤️💫


  16. I live in jordbro with my mom, dad,little brother , big brother and my to dogs. In my spare time I like to play theater. And something about my family is: my big grother is my half brother.


  17. hello, my name is Ebba Isola Therese Brännmo, i live with my mother, father and two brothers in Jordbro.
    Thing i like to do in my sparetime is playing sims 4, playing sso and read.

    /Ebba B

  18. Hello my name is ilana i’am 12years old i live with my mother father and my litle brother. In my sparetime i play taekwondo and do my homework, and litsent marcus and martinus music😀😁😂❤🎤🎤

  19. I live in a terraced house in Jordbro. In my spare time i like to have a movie marathon and play floorball. I have two mean siblings one sister and a brother.

  20. Hello i live in Jordbro whit my 2 brothers,my little sister, my mom and dad and my 2 cats. In my sparetime i like to be whit friends and i ride 💖💖🐎🐎🐴🐴❤❤


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