The Future! (Do this blog by Monday week 17)

Write about what things are like in the year 2118.

What is the same? What is different?

(Write about one thing in the year of 2118, we are going to write more in school on our Chromebooks)

Here are some things you can write about:

What does the place where you live look like in 2112?

How do people live? What do houses look like?

What kind of food do people eat?

What is school like?

What do children do in their free time?

Are there still cars, bikes, buses, trains or other ways to travel?

Do people still watch TV and go to the cinema?

Good luck!


23 reaktion på “The Future! (Do this blog by Monday week 17)

  1. I think and hope that it will look the same but, there is no hunger in the world and no one need to suffer. Mabye all the cars is electronic and can fly? And no one uses fossil fuels.

  2. I think it will be exactly the same as it is now only that i believe and hope there is no war and that there is no one who stares and that it is free on earth🌸

  3. I think it going to be debris everywhere in order to because it is environmental contamination😢🌲🌳🍁🍂🍀🌺

  4. I think it’s gonna be different because everyday people develop new things and in 100 years there will be big difference and change in everything we have today.

  5. I think its going be the same as its is right now but i think every vehicle is going to be electrical and no one use fossil fuels

  6. I think there will be a lot of different machines and robots that will help us with almost everything and that all cars are electric cars.

  7. it is going to be almost exactly like todays time but i think there will be a lot more towers everywere. In towns, on the countryside.

  8. I think the 100-year-old houses look very good. There will be at least one robot in a house, and it will be the high house approximately 100 floor.

  9. I DONT think the childrens is gonna go at school. I think they gonna use phones or computers to learn.


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