Three questions (Do this blog by Monday week 4)

1. Who are they?
2. Are they good cops?
3. Where are they going?

Use your imagination, (there are no wright or wrong answers)


39 reaktion på “Three questions (Do this blog by Monday week 4)

  1. 1 who are you: a cop.
    2 are they good cops: no because they only eat buns and they not do their job.
    3 where are they going: they go to the bakery.

  2. 1:they are bandits disguised in a cop outfit to rescue the other bandits in jail

    2:no they are not even cops

    3:to jail to rescue their friends

  3. 1.they are 2 cops,they look like they are drunk or something2. they are good i Think.3.they are going home.werro was here

  4. One day it was a very dark night and scary night in a dark hunted house. I went in to see If there were gold. When i walked in, i met a man sitting at a Rocking chair. After 5minutes, he told me the gold are inside a room uppstairs. Then i went up to see If there were. Afterwards he locked me in a room with a doll……..😰😱😨

  5. . Who are You: two cops.
    2.are they good cops:No, they are crazy cops who like to eat buns.
    3. Where are they going:to the police station to eat more buns.

  6. 1. No, they’re guys dressed in Halloween
    2. of course not because they are not policemen
    3. going to a Halloween party

  7. 1. They are cops

    2. They are not coops because they cant even run after robbers.

    3.they are eating Mc Donalds Every day.😂

  8. 1: they look like they are drugged and they are 2 cops . 2:they are good i think 3: they are going to the police station🌹

  9. 1.they are thieves who has dressed out to cops
    2.they are bad cups
    3.they are going to the cell and help their friends out🚔🚨💫

  10. 1 they are cops
    2 no, they are not gopd cops ‘cause they eat a lot. Most of the time the criminals escape from them.They had to change their identity.
    3 they are going to the station

  11. 1. They are cops.
    2. The one with glasses are the other one is not so god.
    3. They are going to a resturant to eat lunch.

  12. 1:They are drunk cops.

    2: No because they do drugs,alcahole and they work for the Bratva.

    3: They are going to a meeting with the Bratva about the killing the cops.

  13. I want to invent a small chip to place in the neck, and the chip helps to keep up with cell changes and if it makes a little sound and shining red, then you know that the body is creating cancer, and you will know it in time and can cure it .

  14. 1.They are not cops. I think they are bandits.

    2. No they are not good cops

    3. They are going to murder other people 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  15. 1: They are criminals who pretends that they are cops.

    2: No because they are criminals.

    3: They are going to the prison to save their partners.

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