What household chores do you help out with? (Do this blog by Monday week 5)

What household chores do you do, at home?

Do laundry?

Clean your room?

Walk the dog?

Take the garbage out?


/Looking forward reading your comments! 😉



33 reaktion på “What household chores do you help out with? (Do this blog by Monday week 5)

  1. I help clean the house
    I help with the laundry
    I help with the dishes
    I help with taking out the trash
    I help feeding the wild birds
    and I sometimes help with cooking dinner

  2. I clean my room,clean my bunnies cage,I sometimes take the dish in the dishwasher and Sometimes I have to clean my wardrobe.

  3. i clean My room + My bathroom,babysitting My Little sister,sometimes i clean the house and sometimes i take the dish in the dishwasher.♥️🥀✨

  4. I clean my room. Sometimes I help my brother to clean the house and I help with washing dishes.I buy food and I guard my little brother. I pick up my little brother from school.⚽️⚽️

  5. I help out with

    Take out the garbage
    Clean My room and a Little bit of
    the rest of the house

    Help out with My Little brother
    Help out with THE laundry

  6. Yes i do homechores
    I Clean my room/The whole house
    I take out the garbage
    I feed my fish
    I do the dishes
    I help my mum with cooking dinner
    I help with laundry
    I help out with everthing in the house

  7. I am cleaning my room and vacuuming it.
    I babysit my little sister.
    I am taking dish out and in from the dishwasher.
    I also cook food sometimes.

  8. I clean my room and sometimes the whole house, I sometimes also wash dishes or remove the dish from the dishwasher.😂

  9. I make dinner sometimes
    Clean my room
    Walk with the dogs
    Give the animals food
    Stimulate the dogs(and cat 😂)
    Clean bathroom
    And write the weeks dinner on a black board

  10. I clean my room
    I help my mom with cooking dinner
    I clean the kitchen
    I clean my house with my mom every saturday and sunday!!!😤😲😡

  11. Hey, i´m coking dinner two times a week.
    I´m feeding the cat.
    Taking out the trash.
    Cleaning my room.
    Take the dish out from the dishwasher.
    I babysit Max.


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