What is your best memory of Kvarnbäcksskolan?

Please tell us about your best memory?

Looking forward Reading your comments!

/Best regards


PS. I´m going to miss you guys!

Take care! Have a Lovely summer!




14 reaktion på “What is your best memory of Kvarnbäcksskolan?

  1. My best memory is when everyone got to change classes for then everyone can get to know everyone!❤️

  2. It was in 5:th grade and we had a class party after school, in the schools dining room. I will never forget that!

  3. It was when we went to rudan this year. It was so funny because when everyones class changed, it was fun to do somthing togheter so i Will never forget that.

  4. My best memory was when we had to say goodbye to everyonw and realized how much each and other meant for each other❤️


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