What’s your earliest memory? (Do this homework by Monday week 8)

What’s your earliest memory?

What do you remember, when you were a little child?

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  1. My earliest memory is when i was in daycare i run so fast so i fell on my head im starting to bleed my daycare miss call my called father and came and took me home first and after he took me to the health center and the glued my forehead with
    leather glue and after a few days i became better.

  2. My earliest memory I think is when i was ”helping” my mum to put some stuff in to a truck becuase i was moving to Jordbro and I cryed becuase my parents friend came to help and one of them put my kids carchair on to the ground (it was in the car and what I know now he needed to do that so he could help my dad) but soon they have me a lolipop and we went to Jordbro

  3. My earliest memory is When my family and cousin family were in tellberg, we were bathing in the swimmingpool at the hotel.
    All the kids thrown in to the water by my mom(they wanted) and then little me at 4 years walked in to the line
    My mom did check who she threw and she threw me
    But the problem was i didnt have my swim rings on
    And then i learned how to swim👌🏻

    • im jk I remember when I was 8 I run with my cousins and it was very windy outside.i was opining the door and the wind made the door close on omg pink so my nail fall of 😂😵

  4. My first memory was when Elin (in fifht grade) and I became friends in daycare. We built a bunk out of blankets and chairs. Inside we had owl pillows.

  5. when i was a year i started to go but sometimes i fell but i want to go to my aunt’s makeup table and hit my forehead in the corner of the makeup table so it started to bleed a lot so me and my dad went to the hospital and they said I will have a dot on my forehead forever!!!!!😂

  6. My earliest memory was when i was in kindergarten. I was playing with my best friend. I ran a little too fast so i fell and hit my face and it started to bleed!!! After that i went to the hospital….. So now i have a scar close my eye!!! otherwise i have two otherscars in my face

  7. My first memory when I was little was with Julia on the kindergarten we sat and was going to eat watermelon but in Julia’s watermelon I put a stone in the watermelon so when Julia eat she dropped her tooth☺️🍉

  8. my first memory was when i locked out my father in the balcony when he took a smoke.i just sat and watched and laughed when he said LET ME IN!but i didint let him in.luckly he had his phone in his pocket så he called my grandfather to let him in.

  9. My first memory was when I and Elin were at a the daycare and we were going to eat a melon as a snack. So Elin Wanted to kid with me and putted a small stone in my melon, when i took a bite it was something hard and I saw my tooth bleed and my tooth was laying in the melon😂

  10. When i was 5 or 6 years old My dad and i played football on our backyard it was so fun to shoot the ball 😻❤️😂

  11. My earliest memory was when i was in kindergarden and i saw some boys grabbing forks and then they ran to the little mountain with ants on it. When i got out there they where eating ants with the forks and i thought they where so gross so i ran to the teacher and told her that the boys where eating ants.

  12. a memory from when i was little, we were in ikea in a department.
    I thought the department was exciting so I was left and did not notice that mother and melissa had gone.
    After a while someone came to me and said where are your parents.
    I looked around me and thought they were ther but they were not. So the girl took me and called my speakers my name and after a while came mom and melissa.

  13. My earliest memory was when me and Jonathan went in kindergarten. One day we went to the dance room and when I sat Jonte sat on the Windowsill. The windowsill fell on my head and I bleeded too much on my t-shirt then they took me to the clinic.⛑⛑

  14. I remember when i was a little kid and broke my arm :/ It was when i was laughing so much so i had to take Receive me so I would not fall. And it broke….

  15. When I was 4 years old, I was told that Santa Claus fans did not do it and that’s my first memory because I was so sorry I did not eat the mat all day

  16. My earliest memory was when i was five years old.It was when I and my mom going home from kindergarten. Then when I going I let my mother’s hand and going self. Then came a man who drove a bike and because I would not be hit by the bike, he fell off the bike and i started crying and my mom got angry with me because I let her hand and apologized the man. 😅😅

  17. When i was 4 years ond i thought it was cool to be a policeman for walking around with Guns (i loved Guns when i was 4 years old)


  18. I remember when every time I ran until /to my mom i fell down on the ground and hurt my knees (asså varje gång jag sprang till min mamma i dagis så rammlade jag ner och skadade mina knän)


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