Which English film/serie/YouTuber did you watch?

You have a homework this week; to watch an English film, English serie or English YouTuber.

Tell us which one you saw.

Best Regards!



29 reaktion på “Which English film/serie/YouTuber did you watch?

  1. I´am watching a series called Prison Break and I like to watch youtube. I’dont have special youtuber.I like the film Fighter.

  2. I have watched a anime series called Black Butler season 1 & 2 and extra films, it was english dud. I also watched A Chinese series called The Eternal Love with english subtitle. And more…

  3. I watch Sssniperwolf, Azzyland (Youtube)
    Pretty Little Liars and the originals that is the seriers i watch right now (:

  4. I watched Azzyland (on youtube),Riverdale (It’s a series on Netflix) and The Smurfs 2 (it’s a movie on Netflix).


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