Write about an adventure (Do this homework by Monday week 39)

Write about an adventure (real or made up).

Use these Words if you want to: climbed, together, mountain, jumped, top, felt, a piece of cake, vulture, storm, rainforest, desert, spider, boots)

(No longer than 6-10 sentences)

Enjoy! Looking forward Reading your stories!

Good luck!


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  1. 2015 My family and i went by car to croatia
    It took us 3 days to travel there and i Germany we got stuck in the traffic and we drove the car for 13 whole hours of course whe stopped at the toilets.
    We went through Sweden and then Denmark later Germany and after that Austria(the beautiful alps) and later Slovenia and the croatia

  2. once upon a time,there was a boy.his name was casper love enevald and he experienced how it felt like being in a submarine.it was in the summer in spain,mogan.he could see all kind of fishes for example:sardines and some big grey fishes that i dont now the name of.i also saw a lot of ship wrecks and old statues from rome i Think.

  3. When I was in Ullared me and my cousin walked around by ourselfs. I hade 2000 swedish crowns to buy for. But my mother buy clothes to me so i can buy other things🌷🌷🌷🌷❤❤❤😜😜😜😜

  4. This summer I was in spain with my father and my younger brother. we were there for 8 days. We were there with Mikyas father,Mikyas and his siblings.One day we went to the beach and later we went to Italy pizza resturant. Mikyas ordered 2 lassande and 2 Coca-Cola zero. I took 1 spaghetti bolognese with 2 Coca-Cola. We joking with the waiter me and Mikyas said we wanted the largest pizza you have and asked him how much the bill was. He said it was 17erou and 10 cents. Mikyas said we were just joking with you. The waiter was very angry on Mikyas.

  5. Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to go on an adventure. So she picked up food sleeping bags and clothes, she packed it in her bag and traveled to Australia. When she was in Australia for a couple of days, she’d already reached a mountain, hit dangerous spiders and a storm. Then she went home and lived happily!

  6. 2016 i went with car to Kolmården🐾 With my father,mother and my siblings.It was verry fun,we stayed at a hothell and was there for two days.🌸☀️And then we went home🏠

  7. My adventure is about a trip with my aunt to skåne.
    On our way down we stoped at Ullared and we stayed the night.
    Then we continued the trip to are relatives. They live in Ängelholm.
    When we where there we took a train to the boat to Köpenhamn in Denmark.
    On the way back we stoped at Gränna to eat some polkagrisar.

  8. once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to go on an adventure. and then she packed her things for her adventure. After one day, she went boat from Sweden to Denmark, and then she rode and go from Denmark to Germany and rode from Germany to France.

  9. Once upon a time there was a little girl that wanted to go on a adventure but her parents said that she was to young to go on a adventure. But when she got older she traveled to Spain and climbed the highest mountains in Spain.

  10. Me and my best friends would have a day to Usa.When we sat on the plane, it felt like everything was shaking and then the flight attendants said we had to hold on, because we will crash. Then we were afraid when we got so bad we was on the ocean and the plane became a boat so we went to the boat to Usa.

  11. Ones upon a time there was a girl.
    She wanted to travel around the world,so she asked her parents and her parents told her to wait like a year or something.
    After about 2 years later,
    the girl asked her parents if it was the right time to travel around the world.
    Her parents told that she can go and travel around the world.
    So she packed her bags and go by boat.
    She traveled by the boat to england and in england she went by the airplane to continue her big travel

  12. Once there was a girl who wanted to go on a adventure, so she quit her job, packed her bag, took all her Money and Went backpacking in Australia. She had very fun. she was backpacking for 5 months.

  13. Once upon a time there was a toy in a toy store that wants to get to another shelf. On the first day they climb the nail down from his shelf to Barbies and then they will be friends then it came a dinosaur that attacked them being chased to unicorns and they scared the dinosaur so that it ran away unicorns flew up to the warning they wanted up to and then they became friends whit the unicorn!! The End🦄🐻

  14. Once upon a time there was a girl who loved adventures.
    One day, she and her parents went on a adventure to Australia.
    Her parents loved going on adventures
    They took pictures and went on a mountain.
    The girl had a project that she had at school.
    That she would take a picture on a nice landscape.
    When she got home, she went on her first adcenture. The end.

  15. One night a girl sat on the beach outside her house and looked at the stars when she suddenly saw a green dragon coming flying against her. The dragon landed a few meters away from her. On the dragon sat a boy a few years older than herself. He asked if she wanted to come with him and learn about magic and dragons. Of course she said yes. She quickly picked up her stuff from the house and sat down on the dragon behind the boy and then they flew up to the sky away from her little house by the beach. They flew through the night to the boy’s hometown. After a few hours of flying, the girl saw a small town. They landed on the lawn outside the castle. They got of the dragon and went out through the castle gate to a tall tower that was the boy’s home and now it was the girl’s home as well.

  16. Once I was in Paris with Grandmother and my sister, I dropped off on the Tunnel, then came the oil and took me to the police station where they offered me candy and chips and then they asked me that I followed them to the Tunnel course where there stood my grandmother and sister

  17. Its was three girls want to climed the mount everest. They was verry scard but they looked in each other’s eyes and said: we do this together. And they do it 2 girls died and 1 girl was survived. And 10 years later she climed the mount everest again.


  18. This summer we went to Croatia by car. We drive thru Denmark, Germany, Austria and Slovenia and then Croatia.

  19. 1944 the germans behan ter attack in sovjet. The sovjet retreated and comeback in full strange. The germans have Been defeated in 1945.

  20. my adventure was this summer when my family and I were flying to bulgaria we flew for 2 hours roughly and were arriving at midnight and at the hotel after three o’clock and we were there for a week

  21. Once a upon time it was a girl the girl have not parents the patents is died! The days go and go and go and one day the girl look to the friend the friend cry and sed my parents i died! The girl sed me to my parents i dead we most live together the friend sed yes! We live together we are strong together The End!😀😁

  22. wants upon a time there was a girl who wanted to go around Africa she risked her life day by day climbing mount paddling through rivers and then at last she was home

  23. When I was in Mongolia, my mom me and my sisters went to the chinggis khaan statue complex. On your way, we stopped at a grocery store to buy some snacks and ice cream because it was more than 30 degrees 🙂

  24. For about 2 years ago was me, my lider brottet and My mother in cyprys in ayia napa. One day we were going to farmagusta and we was going there by bus. When we came to farmagusta were I very tired and had a very bad headache because I drank to little with water, I almost fainted and it was no restaurants close to us so we couldn’t drink water.

  25. When i was in germany me and my family went to Europa Park. It took more than 2 hours. When we arived we eat food and then we went to carousels.

  26. This adventure is about when I was on my way home to Sweden from the Dominican Republic. When I was on my way to Sweden, the flight hit the plane so we landed in New York and waited for another flight that could take us to Sweden. It took four hours for the next flight. that was all🇩🇴🇩🇴


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