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  1. if i could change 3 things in school 1:would be that you had to eat candy at a lesson!2: would be that you can play your phone on the breaks.3:would be that you could draw anytime!

  2. If i could change i will change,i wished teen that the school would have a water fountain where you Cold see the fish,it might work on the creek.🤔🤗😆😅😄😲wrote wrong.

  3. If we could eat chocolate😚😘😙😍😻💖💓❤💚💙💚💋👄💚💟💘💞💝💚💕

  4. 1. WE cound use our phones it will be more fun on the breaks (rainy day)
    2. eat more chocolte and drink drinks like fanta,aloe vera and chew sugar free gum
    3. be in doors wen it´s cold and snowy/rainy or just if you want it 🙂

  5. If I could change I would
    1. like to be allowed to have cell phones at school.
    2. like to have rice cakes or something like that to eat.
    3. like to be in the nature playground on both breaks

    / Vimi

  6. 1. I Would like to have 2 floors. 2. Bigger sport center, gymnasium. 3. Soccer field with grass, artificial turf.

  7. If i would changes something it would be
    1.A football court in the school
    2.A bigger school
    3.And classes up to nine or higher

  8. Hmm okey IF i could change 3 things 1:Would be NO HOMEWORKS 2:Eat Candy and Stuff i guess…. And 3: is uhhhhhh idk HAVE A PARTY EVERDAYYY

  9. If i would change somthings it would be
    1. That you have to be insida at the breaks
    2. That you can use your phone on the breaks and school
    3. That we can have dessert after lunch like frusit salad💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

  10. if i would change somethings it would be
    1.that you get to eat candy
    2.that you get to go have when you want
    3.that you can use your phone when you want

  11. if i would change something it would be
    1. you could use your cellphone at breakes
    2. you could choose if you want to be outside or inside at the breakes
    3. that if the food at school isn’t good you can go and shop own food and eat it on the breakes

  12. 1.I would change the earth ground to artificial Grass ground.
    2. Better food in the school.
    3.To renovate the school.
    4. A little bit More break time.

  13. If i would change three things about school would be

    1 larger school
    2 eat candy in the school
    3 using mobile during the breaks

  14. If I could change 3 things about school it would be
    1 : Tastyer food
    2 : Use phone on the breaks
    3 : That every clas could have a pet like a guinea pig or a hamster

  15. if I would change something it would be
    1.That you can do what you want in three hours
    2.it will have a short break for one hour and long break two hours and you can to be inside it you want
    3.and that you can have a dessert

  16. My dream school if it would raining chooklet and be in the stable and go on rolocoster 😁😁❤❤😎😎

  17. My dream scool is IT a fotballs in the class Room because i Love fotballs and i van play fotball in the class room😂⚽️⚽️

  18. 1. Shorter days
    2. Use your cellphone
    3. Nicer playground

  19. If i could change three things at my school it would be
    1. Nicer playgrond
    2. More craft lessons
    3. To use the phone on the breaks

  20. 1.We could use our cellphone, at least in one break. 2. Take our own food with me. 3. Be inside on the braks when it’s snowing or raining outside.

  21. 1. Have a big ( konstgräsplan ) on the playground 2. That we can you our phones on Mondays and Fridays 3. Take our one food with us to school! 👌🏽


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